Communications Committee



The Communications Committee shares NAYGN Durham initiatives and events with our members, Nuclear Industry business, and the public.


  1. How to effectively and efficiently share event information with our NAYGN Durham members, Nuclear Industry organizations, and the public;

  2. How to efficiently contact all NAYGN Durham members on the Distribution List;

  3. How to efficiently communicate using Yammer account, and

  4. How to organize OPG Shared Drive – NAYGN Durham Folder documents, to share through the website.


  1. Update current Communications Committee tools to have a professional look (Challenge 1, 3);

  2. Share all NAYGN Durham events in a professional timely innovative manner (Challenge 1, 3);

  3. Consider potential new Communications Committee tools (Challenge 2); and

  4. Build the Communications Committee team (Challenge 1, 2, 3 and 4).



If you have a creative personality + you are passionate about technology + and you would like to contribute to the Nuclear Industry, please send an email to:














Thank you for your support !

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