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Meet the Team

The Faces of Our Organization

Veeshesh Sunassy_edited.jpg

Veeshesh Sunassy


Veeshesh works for the Darlington Refurbishment Chemistry group as an Assistant Technical Engineer. He is originally from Mauritius, a small island in the Indian Ocean, and enjoys challenging himself. This is why when he finished high school, he decided to go an pursue his Bachelor in Science degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Alberta in Edmonton.


Fun fact: The city where he is from is the 4th furthest city in the world from Edmonton.


Veeshesh is the current President of NAYGN Durham. He joined NAYGN because he believes that NAYGN has a lot to offer to the community of young professionals. Outside of work, he goes regularly to a Toastmasters Club where he gets to develop his public speaking skills and he started playing tennis and golfing this year. He also enjoys going to the gym, camping, travelling and playing soccer.

Danil Matachniouk.jpg

Danil Matachniouk

Vice President

"Nuclear is a key industry in Ontario, providing safe clean reliable electricity to consumers at home and at work, and I wanted to be a part of that. There’s lots of technology here, its interesting how electricity is produced through the Turbine/Generator, and how this energy comes from the atom. It’s easy to take electricity for granted, which powers hospitals / stores / gas stations / computers / cell phones, and it all originates here."

Danil graduated from the University of Ottawa - Department of Engineering, specializing in Power Generation and Nuclear Engineering.


In his spare time, he enjoys attending Industry Conferences and reading Engineering Journal Articles, to learn about new technologies.


Additionally, Danil enjoys volunteering with a variety of organizations, to try and make a small difference.

Usen Malikovski.jpg

Usen Malikovski

Usen has over 5 years of Plant Design experience in the Nuclear Industry at Ontario Power Generation (OPG) with various times spent at Pickering and Darlington. He has most recently joined the New Build Team at OPG to support Ontario’s goal of becoming a Net-Zero Carbon province by 2050. Within New Build, Usen is supporting the developer’s with their technology. Within OPG, Usen has collaborated in setting up several celebrations of diversity such as the Eid Charity Lunches. All proceeds collected from these events were donated to the Clarington East Food Bank. Prior to his career in Nuclear, he worked in the business sector. Usen worked in consulting and helped identify areas of cost improvement for various companies. Usen has also worked in marketing where he engaged the public and used different modes of communication to directly speak with customers. Usen is very passionate about aiding and supporting the community. In the past, Usen has volunteered with the Canadian Cancer Society to set up three Relay for Life initiatives in secondary schools. Usen is excited to be with NAYGN as the Community Outreach Chair and will bring a great level of enthusiasm and engagement in the role.

Zohab Paracha.jpg

Zohab Paracha

Zohab is a currently field shift operating supervisor at Pickering in Fuel Handling Operations. Zohab graduated from University of Toronto in 2016 with BASc. Mechanical Engineering with a focus on Robotics and Mechatronics. In 2019, he also completed a graduate diploma course in Nuclear Engineering from Ontario Tech University.


Zohab kicked off his nuclear career as an Engineering Intern in Components Engineering at Pickering. Upon graduation, he joined Performance Engineering in Fuel Handling department as an Engineering Trainee. Later on, he moved on to FINCOE engineering team before joining Operations.


Zohab has also been a delegate for Society of United Professionals, an active member of Pickering Charity Campaign, as well as Emergency Response Organization.


In his personal time, Zohab enjoy being outdoors, capturing both urban and natural landscapes, producing music, playing sports, or discussing societal issues and world politics. He is fascinated by Physical Cosmology, Law, and Languages.

Dany Awad.png

Dany Awad

Dany Awad is a mechanical designer at OPG currently working on the Darlington refurbishment project and working towards his P. Eng license. Dany Graduated from Ontario Tech university 2016 with Honours B. Eng. In mechanical engineering. He started his career in nuclear by interning at SNC Lavalin nuclear and PNGS performance engineering. Upon graduation he started working with OPG and over the years he worked in the engineering training department, Plant access training department, PNGS Projects and Mods and now finally DNGS Refurbishment construction engineering.


Much like his undergraduate years being active with OSPE and ENGSOC Dany is now volunteering to work with NAYGN-Durham Chapter to plan professional events, help peers transition from the academic world to professional workplace mind set and support others with their professional development.


Outside of work Dany enjoys learning about investments, reading up on history, traveling, exercising, martial arts and dog sitting / walking!

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