Nuclear Safety

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) is the Federal Government - Nuclear Industry regulator in Canada.

The CANDU (Canadian Delirium Nuclear) nuclear reactor was designed using Defense In Depth (i.e. multiple levels) philosophy, there are 4 main Safety systems protecting the Public and Environment: 

- Shutdown System 1 (SDS1)

- Shutdown System 2 (SDS2) 

- Vacuum Building (VB)

- Emergency Coolant Injection (ECI) system

Additionally, all Electrical and Instrumentation Control (E&IC) devices are triplicated, to ensure accuracy.

Emergency Backup Power Supply is ready in case of loss of power supply.

Regular Safety System Tests (SSTs) are performed on regular basis, to ensure all Safety systems (as described above) are ready just in case.

Only Authorized Nuclear Operators (ANOs) are entrusted to control the CANDU reactors, who must complete an intensive technical 4 year Nuclear Operator in Training program.


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