World History

There are only 31 countries in the world that produce electricity from nuclear technology, of those countries there are only 8 with their own peaceful Nuclear Reactor technology: China, France, Germany, Japan, Russia, United Kingdom, United States, and Canada.

Canada is among a very few countries in the world that has its own Nuclear Industry today, centered around the CANDU nuclear reactor technology, providing electricity at home and abroad (in Argentina + China + India + Pakistan + Romania and South Korea).

There are many international organizations which affect the Nuclear Industry:

- IAEA (founded 1957) - Advocacy + Collaboration + Regulation around the world

- INPO (1979) - Safety Collaboration around the world

- WANO (1989) - Safety Collaboration around the world

- COG (1984) - General Collaboration for organizations with CANDU reactor technology (Argentina, China, India, Pakistan, South Korea)

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